Molecular Treatment

Evox® ’s Molecular Treatment consists of micro-molecules made up of dormant cells that once activated, become biologically active and are specifically formulated to help rejuvenate, repair and regenerate natural protein fibers within the inner layers of the hair. Deeply concentrated with Fibroblast, Keratin, Collagen, Vitamins, Natural Oils, & Amino acids.


Available in:

5ml, box with 24 ampoules

Cleanse the hair with Evox Cell Amplifying Cleanser. Repeat if necessary until the hair is fully cleansed. Gently towel dry the hair and divide into 4 parts. Note: If using directly after a bleaching or any color service, do not use the Amplifying Cleanser, use Evox Anti-Aging Shampoo instead.

Remove the Molecular Treatment from the CryoCapsule. Use a blow dryer on high heat and direct it towards the ampoule to activate the cells. Make sure the cells are in 100% liquid stage before mixing. Pour 25mL of room temperature water in a mixing bowl and add 5mL of the Molecular Treatment to begin the therapy. Stir until a creamy texture is reached. This amount will be enough for short to medium length hair. If more product is needed, mix more of the Molecular treatment and water at the same ratio.

Starting at the root, saturate the hair all the way through the ends with an application brush. Massage the product into the hair for better absorption. Use a fine tooth comb for even distribution. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and put it under a dryer for 15 minutes on medium heat. Shock the hair evenly with cold water using a spray bottle.

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