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The human aging process can sometimes exceed over 100 years; sadly that’s not the case for our hair. Each individual strand has a life span of up to 6 years. During this aging process, hair needs to be nourished in order for it to maintain or revert back to its youthful state.

EVOX Hair Rejuvenation Therapy is a new level of in-salon service that deposits and reinforces cells responsible for the production of essential nutrients your hair needs. EVOX offers the only product to use FIBROBLAST for intensive hair rejuvenation; activated by a Cryogenic Technology to penetrate the hair on a cellular level. Once the cortex is restored, the cuticle layer is then sealed to perfection. The result? Rejuvenated, healthy hair.


Highly Creative Coloring, Unlimited Combinations.

Evox C3 presents its latest innovation in revolutionary technology, inspired by professional salons. Evox C3 Professional Color Line.

A line at the vanguard of Versatile coloring, with Long Lasting Tones thanks to the concentration of cold pigments, of the Latest Generation and Micro-Molecular Technology (Fibroblast); with scientific research from the best laboratories in Italy, Brazil, and The United States.


What is

For the first time, bioengineering has allowed Evox to use Fibroblast in a professional hair product.

Fibroblast is a binding molecule that allows cellular proliferation and has the power to drastically repair and help increase cell regeneration.

• Repairs internally.
• Helps rejuvenate weakened cells.
• Aids in cell regeneration.
• Repairs hair from the inside out.
• Strengthen roots.
• Reduces breakage.

Utilizing the latest and most advanced Cryogenic technology, Evox’s Cryocapsule ensures the constant, standardized low temperatures that are extremely important for the Cryopreservation of the treatment’s active ingredients. Providing a uniform temperature distribution to every Evox Molecular/Enzyme treatment ampoule.


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