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Evox is a Hair Rejuvenation Therapy that transforms the aged or maltreated hair into a young and healthy hair, restoring the natural softness. It promotes the rejuvenation of the hair and helps restructure the hair dead cells.

Evox does not weigh down the hair; indeed, it adds volume to the hair.

Yes. Evox will not change the curl pattern. It will actually help it be more manageable and defined.

Evox Hair Rejuvenation Therapy is safe to use shortly after a color service however, replace the Cell-Amplifying Cleanser with Evox Liquid Plasma Shampoo for the pre-wash. On the other hand, it actually will improve the quality of the color service.

Yes. We recommend color services be performed the same day before Evox or two weeks after.

Yes, at least for 30 minutes. The Cryogenic-Chamber maintains the cells at the precise temperature needed prior to the activation process.

Yes. This product serves as a protectant against environmental exposure and can be used as a styling aid.

There are no restrictions with this Therapy. You can wash your hair as needed.

Yes. Evox contains only Safe, High Quality Ingredients.

Even though Evox does not contain harsh chemicals. We recommend consulting with a doctor.

About 30-45 minutes. Before the Evox Treatment is done on the hair the ampoule of the product is removed from a Cryogenic Chamber that keeps the temperature of the product at 8C in order to maintain and activate the cells in the Evox crystallized formula. Then the ampoule is heated with a blow dryer to activate the 2nd part of the Cryogenic Technology implemented in the formula. This activates the molecules of the formula turning it from solid to liquid state. At this point the content of the ampoule is mixed with water and applied on the hair, blow dried and ironed to polish.

The effect lasts approximately 10-12 hair washes.

The Evox treatment can be washed the day after the initial treatment was done.