Bleaching Powder 9 Tones Super Lightener

Its unique effect is provided by a new blend of bleaching ingredients embodying the last generation of anti-yellow hair dyes, with great performances in reaching high levels of lift and adding, at the same time, an amazing cold level.


Our laboratories have studied a perfect balanced formula to reach 9 levels and remove the unpleasant yellow tones at the same time taking inspiration from the Anti-Yellow Enzyme Treatment from the Evox Hair Rejuvenation Therapy Line.


The toning effect is appreciable on yellow/light yellow bleaching undertones. For this reason, Evox C3’s toning bleach is indicated to tonalize lightened bases at level 8/9/10. In case of bleaching and/or color removing on excessively dark bases, it is recommended to repeat at least twice the bleaching process with a setting time of 30 minutes with a low volume oxygen.


The new formulation of Evox C3’s Professional Bleaching Powder is ideal for ANY PROFESSIONAL LIGHTENING TECHNIQUE. It achieves quick and intense bleaching up to 9 shades in total compared to the hair structure.



A universal formula bleach suited to any professional lightening technique. Mixed with Silky oxidant emulsion, it creates a soft and uniform cream that does not puff up or stick, easy to use, specific for bleaching, streaks and color removal.


The presence of high performance blue micro pigments guarantees excellent anti-yellow action and softens the unsightly yellow shade that can characterize bleached hair. The non-volatile powder that guarantees greater safety and convenience during application.

Spray onto clean, wet air. Style as desired.

Extreme technical result. Bleaches with precision, while respecting the hair’s health. The blonde is uniform and shiny.

For external use only. If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly. Keep out of reach children.

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