Liquid Plasma Anti-Aging Shampoo is a gentle cleanser fortified with Fibroblast, a medical-grade ingredient that helps drastically repair any damaged hair cells and helps increase cell regeneration; improving the natural production of essential nutrients your hair needs. This proprietary formula has a pH level of 5.5 and is free of any harsh sulfates and sodium chloride; protecting the results and duration of any color service, keratin treatment, EVOX® hair rejuvenation therapy or any other professional in-salon hair service.

• Gentle.
• Re-deposits Fibroblast.
• Drastically helps repair damaged hair cells.
• Helps increase healthy cell regeneration.
• Improves natural production of essential nutrients.
• Enhances and prolongs the longevity of the results.
• Protects treatment & color services.
• pH level of 5.5.
• Free of harsh sulfates and sodium chloride.



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