Enzymes are catalysts that speed up a reaction without consuming itself. Evox’s Enzyme Treatment naturally accelerates reactions allowing any color treatment to be done while the enzymes work to accelerate the process of rejuvenation and repairing. The main ingredient in this Enzyme Treatment, Fibroblast, nourishes, heals, and protects the scalp and hair while the enzymes spread apart the cuticle scales enabling the color to be absorbed by the hair shaft without damaging the cuticle.

• Protects, enhances, and prolongs color during color service.
• Enhances, maintains, and removes brassiness after any color treatment.
• Versatile treatment that can be used to protect the hair while bleaching and coloring, and to protect, prolong and enhance hair after being colored or bleached.
Recommended every 30 days or at every color service.



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